Squirrel Greed
November 3, 2022

When squirrels are getting ready for winter, they hoard their food. It is normal to see this around the beginning of October in Wisconsin. Sometimes they will bury their food in the grass or take it back to their homes in the trees. I figure they are trying to hide their food in as many places as possible to make sure that some of the spots will not be found by predators. It is fun to watch them stuffing their face as their tails are twitching away as if they are telling other squirrels not to mess with me right now, I am busy. I have been putting out sunflower seeds and peanuts for the critters for some time now and have been entertained by their antics. They chase each other around and steal from each other, such fun to watch.

A few years ago, I bought a couple of bird feeders that had cages around the cylinder that held the bird seed, in order to keep the squirrels and larger birds out. The smaller birds were not getting anything. Before I bought these new feeders the squirrels would have a field day knocking down and cleaning out the old feeders. I also provided suet for the woodpeckers and the same thing. The squirrels would knock down the old suet feeder and have a feast. Once I got these new feeders the smaller birds had a chance to eat.