Red Belly Woodpecker
November 3, 2022

The Red Bellied Woodpecker is different from the Redheaded Woodpecker

because of its face, chin and cheeks are white. The Redheaded is entirely red.

At our house we get the Red Bellied.

I feed them suet, which they go crazy for. The High Energy Variety. Now I am

not rich by any means and suet can be expensive depending on where you buy

it. I go to my local discount store and pay about $.79 per block of suet. I have

seen it in stores going for $3.99 for the same exact product. It does pay to shop


The old suet feeder that I had was constantly getting knocked open by the squirrels.

So, I broke down and bought one that had a double compartment for suet and

the whole thing was surrounded by a wire cage. That did the trick, and it did

not take long for the Woodpeckers to figure out how to get in at the suet.

The male Woodpecker has red from his forehead to the base of his neck. The

female Woodpecker has red only on her neck. The young are like their

parents but have brown on their heads.

For several years I had a Woodpecker that would let me know when I was

out of suet. He would peck at the house. At first, I thought he was just looking

for bugs, but as soon as I put out new suet he would stop. Your guess is as good

as mine.