How To Make A Difference
November 3, 2022

For many years I dreamed of leaving this planet better off than how I found it.

Dreaming does not change anything.

I finally decided to educate myself on Electric Vehicle Chargers.

On the market today there is quite a selection from which I narrowed it down

to three choices, and then to one.

My one choice is The Charge Point made in the USA.

ChargePoint EV Charger impressed me when I read about all the awards they

won since 2010.

They use a universal J1772 connector which has been tested with all top

selling electric car models.

There are three charging levels.

Level one is the cheapest charger for home use that you can plug into any

standard outlet and charges up to six miles of range per hour (60 miles in

10 hours). When you buy a new EV car, the Level One charger usually comes with

the car. The charger is portable so you can take it on a trip with you.

Level two is more expensive, and it charges around 37 miles of range per hour

(Full charge in around eight hours). There are 2 different plugs for this

charger. The NEMA 6-50 and the NEMA 14-50. NEMA 6-50 is cheaper, can be

hardwired by an electrician and is recommended by ChargePoint. If you want

receive a rebate, some electrical utility providers require it being hardwired.

NEMA 14-50 is more expensive and comes with a neutral.

The best time of day to charge your EV is between 9 pm and 9 am when the

electrical rates are at their lowest.

Level three is for commercial charging stations. Usually, you can charge

within an hour, but you are paying the highest cost for the charge. Home

charging will be the most economical.

ChargePoint Home Flex can be installed to charge at the following choice

of amps 16/24/32/40/48/50. It is Wi-Fi enabled and offers smart charging.

Using the app you can get reminders, set a schedule and see charging history.

ChargePoint is UL listed for electrical safety.