Dog Toys: How To Choose
August 14, 2022

Having a dog is great, but finding the best toy for them can be hard. The best dog toys are those that will keep your dog happy but also make sure that you have the best experience possible with your pet.

There are endless options for dog toys, so choosing the right one for your pet can be a daunting task. If you’re looking for some help in finding the perfect toy for your puppy, this post will help.

The first step toward finding the perfect toy for your dog is knowing what kind of play style they have. Do they like fetching things? Are they more interested in playing tug-of-war? These are all things that you should consider when choosing the right toy.

Here are ways how to choose dog toys:


Know what levels of play your dog engages in

Some dogs like to play ball. Others like to hide and explore things. Some dogs are more active than others. To choose the right toy, you must know what level of play your dog engages in. If you have a very small dog who isn’t interested in playing fetch with you but loves to chew on toys and get into boxes, then an interactive toy might be better suited.

Think about the size of your dog

Depending on how long you plan to play with your dog, some toys are better suited for smaller dogs than others. Smaller dogs can’t really use balls as much as larger ones because they don’t have enough room in their mouths to fit comfortably inside them without choking themselves or getting stuck somewhere inside. So if you’re looking for something small enough for a little puppy’s mouth, make sure that it has something like a squeaker inside so that he can enjoy his time chewing on it without causing any damage.

Think about your dog’s breed

The breed is the first thing to consider when choosing a toy for your dog. A small toy will be suitable if you have a small dog. At the same time, large dogs can enjoy chewing on large toys.

Think about your dog’s age

How old is your dog? The older the dog gets, the more destructive they can become when playing with toys. Choosing a durable toy that can withstand play time and some rough handling from your puppy is best.

Choose durable toys

Durable toys will not break easily and provide hours of fun for your pet. If you’re looking for something that lasts longer, try finding one with stuffing inside, like squeaky toys or balls. These toys are perfect for active dogs who are always on the go.


The best dog toys are resilient, last long, and provide plenty of entertainment for your puppy. They should stimulate your dog’s mind, and with the right dog toy, they can also provide much-needed exercise. Finding just the right dog toy can be a challenge, and it will take some trial and error to find the right one, but it’s worth it, in the end, to see your dogs playing with their toys.