Custom Furniture
November 3, 2022

My husband and I have been collecting pieces of furniture for years. We would

usually buy something new with our tax refund.

Recently I was looking into something more custom. There are a lot of sites out

there with many different styles.

One site caught my eye. Wildwoods Mfg. Company .

They are located at 16790 W US Hwy 63 in Hayward, WI 54843.

Hayward WI is located near the Wisconsin – Minnesota border.

The town is surrounded by many trees, which makes it good for business.

A lot of outdoor activities are available to the local community and visitors.

From the pictures I saw on the Hayward website, it is very beautiful country

up there. Opportunities for hiking trails through their National Park and fishing

in the Namekagon River in the summer months. While riding snowmobiles ,

cross country skiing and Ice fishing in the winter. Also, golf courses for any

skill level.

Hayward has many festivals including the Annual Lumberjack World, Musky

Festival, American Birkenbeiner Cross Country Ski Race, and several others.

Hayward is in North-West Wisconsin. A beautiful country and well worth

the trip.

I found a selection of 39 different resorts and lodges to choose from. If you

decide to go, have fun.