Blue Jay’s and Peanuts
November 3, 2022

For many years my husband has been house bound. Unable to walk too far from

his chair or bed. Since January this year he has been in Hospice. For me to

help keep him entertained I have been putting whole sunflower seeds (out of the

shell) on our back porch along with peanuts (also out of the shell). I have been

attracting a large variety of birds and critters. The reason for out of the shell is

that there is no mess left for me to clean up and the seeds cannot germinate into


Blue Jays are a medium sized bird and when they fly in to feed, they usually scare

the smaller birds away from the seed and peanuts. They are very beautiful and

magnificent creatures.

They appear to stand tall and confident without a fear of anything. Their favorite

food is peanuts. They may snack on the sunflower seeds if the peanuts are all

gone but they choose the peanuts first.

Around the beginning of June, the Blue Jays will bring their young to feed. The

kids are very loud, asking mom or dad to feed them. After a few weeks mom and

dad have had enough, and bring them over to eat but fly away and let them

decide to eat on their own.

The kids usually develop their tail feathers first and their heads are grayer and


After several weeks their heads will crest and then they look more like their